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Sync Your Accounts

KALiiN will import your data and display it all side by side without mixing your work & personal life. Everything is private to you.

Customize KALiiN

Set your background, username, preferences, and sleep schedule (do not disturb) so KALiiN can help you automate your life.

Automate Your Schedule

Schedule events based on everyone’s availability with the power of KALiiN. Never worry about being double-booked again!

Never miss a raid again - download the KALiiN addon for World of Warcraft and sync your in-game calendar with your real one!

KALiiN has receveived a Microsoft Extended Verification Code Signing Certificate. KALiiN's WoW plugin has been verified as a trusted source.

Download The World of Warcraft Plugin

Why Use KALiiN?

Automate your scheduling by seeing all your calendars & events in one place. Send an invite and only see times that work for everyone. KALiiN Native Behavioral Advertising is a trademarked process that uniquely creates value for users in the area of obtaining ads for services and products that are truly desiring. For Advertisers KALiiN Native Behavioral Advertising creates a real ROI that is measurable.

Suggested Events

KALiiN can make smart recommendations for new activities based on your lifestyle.

Smarter Every Day

KALiiN learns and becomes smarter over time. Train KALiiN to help you identify new opportunities.


Life Dashboard

Everything in one place – no more switching between apps, accounts, or views. All while keeping your personal & work data separate.

Event Management

KALiiN can identify the times invitees have available in seconds. No waiting, no guessing.

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